The 2023 Color of the Year is Boring

Yes, I said it. Behr's 2023 Color of the Year - "Blank Canvas" - is about as boring as you can get. It is basically an off-white color with gray undertones. 

Boring Isn't Always Bad

But boring isn't necessarily bad, especially when trying to sell your home. We've always advised homeowners to choose neutral colors when repainting their home before listing it for sale. Neutral colors are welcoming, non-distracting, and usually easy to paint over.

Neutral color walls also allow you to get creative with the color of your furniture, curtains, and decor. As you scroll down the Behr website, you'll see they provide a few different bold color options for painting an accent wall or inspiring your decor color options. I had fun using the interactive tool on their website to change the color of the wall using their pallet suggestions - click here to visit their site

A Bold Difference

In contrast to Behr's "Blank Canvas," Better Homes and Garden chose a more colorful pallet for their 2023 design trends. Check out our DIY Home Trends of the Year article, which features their rosy red color pallet amongst other design choices and tips for DIY projects in the new year. 

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