7 Easy House Plants To Keep Alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

I've actually tried singing this to our house plants to encourage growth. If your household is anything like ours, feeding the kids, the dogs, and ourselves is quite the task, let alone watering the plants. I suppose a hired house cleaner or weekly phone reminder could be of assistance in keeping our leafy green plants thriving inside our home. After all, we really do enjoy the presence of these natural beauties and the air-purifying qualities they bring to our home. 

7 House Plants - Easy To Keep Alive

We’ll start small and work our way up.

1. Succulents

While small in size, succulents have taken over the wedding and home decor scene as of late. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and are relatively cheap to purchase. They thrive in direct sunlight (yay, Florida), and are easy to maintain. Water heavily during the summer, letting the soil dry in between waterings, and back off the water supply during the winter. 

2. Aloe Vera  

Technically the Aloe plant is a type of succulent. But its medicinal values grant it its own category in our opinion. With similar watering instructions as the succulents above, the Aloe plant is yet another easy-to-maintain addition to your kitchen windowsill. 

3. Bromeliad

Your mother probably had one while you were growing up. The long, skinny green leaves extend out from a bright-colored flower that roots in the middle. Bromeliad comes in a variety of colors actually, though most I have seen are reddish in nature. 

4. ZZ Plant

Also known as the Zanzibar Gem, the ZZ is known for its easy care instructions. You’ll recognize the shiny little green leaves that point up as they grow on their long stems. A slow-growing plant, the ZZ can reach up to 4-feet tall and wide if well cared for. 

5. Peace Lily

We’re getting taller in our plant selections! Peace Lilys can sprout up to near end-table height. They liven up a room with their simple, bright white lily flower and dark green leaves. Try to keep your soil damp, and the plant out of direct sunlight for best-growing conditions. 

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Moving on up! The fiddle leaf fig is a popular entryway plant used by designers for bringing neat and tidy structure to a room. The fiddle leaf fig is indeed a tree, and can grow up to 8-feet tall! If the top layer of soil is dry but the undersoil is moist, your fig is in great shape! 

7. Philodendrons

Think “BIG PALM LEAVES” - these beauties are perfect for the tropical Florida home look and feel. They do best in shaded areas of indirect sunlight, and they like to stay moist. Put one in your living room or bedroom to bring the tropical foliage look inside. 

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