A Bookless New Bonita Springs High School Just Opened

Yes, you read that right, the new Bonita Springs High School is in fact “bookless.” Students are given a new Chromebook where all of their textbooks and assignments are stored, therefore eliminating the need for lockers besides sports lockers. 

What about the library you ask? Well, there isn’t one. Just an extensive media center with several study areas. Welcome to the future of schooling!

The new high school opened on Friday, August 10 with the rest of Lee Country public schools on the first day of the 2018-2019 school year. Bonita Springs High School is home to 700 students, 35 teachers, 71 employees. There is a brand new incoming freshman class along with a sophomore class, which spent the last year in portable classrooms and sharing a campus with Estero High School while the new school was under construction. 

Looks like it was well worth the wait, as this new school has all the bells and whistles, and a focus on school safety. In fact, there is only one main entry point of the school, where visitors will have to pass a camera and microphone check-in system before the doors unlock and allow you to enter the school. 

The new high school offers four different academies including an aerospace pilot program, HVAC program, STEM (sustainable energy) program, and health professionals program. Graduating students can immediately enter the work field without further training, or have already obtained credit for tech school or college. 

The new high school marks the 14th public high school in the Lee County School District, including four high schools in Cape Coral, five in Fort Myers, two in Lehigh Acres, one in Estero, one in North Fort Myers, and now one in Bonita Springs. Click here for a complete list of public high schools in Lee County. 

Lee County operates on an open-enrollment system where parents can choose which school their student attends from a list of nearby options. In a previous blog we example how it works in Lee County. Click here to read our article, "Lee County School System Explained." 

We wish all students a wonderful new school year! 

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