A Spring Day Well Spent in Southwest Florida

Green grass, blooming lilies, bright Bougainvillea, and bountiful citrus trees. 
Morning haze, warm sunshine, high-70’s, and cool evening breeze. 

These are a few our of favorite Spring things!

Photo courtesy of Flickr - A Scottow

Watching the white ibis pluck insects from your lawn as you sit on your lanai, sipping morning coffee. 

Waving at neighbors while walking the dog, and inviting them over for wine at sunset. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr - curatork77

Exploring nature paths on bike or foot, or taking a slow stroll in the sand. 
Watching the sunset over the bridge, and then heading to happy hour to sway along with local live musicians. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr - dconvertini

Pulling down your ball cap and cheering on Spring training teams with hotdog in hand. 

Stopping at LoveBoat for ice cream sundaes before bedtime. 
These are a few more of our favorite Spring things! 

Photo courtesy of Flickr - TLWebb

Easter sunrise service on the Causeway, followed by causal island brunch. 
Biking to the beach, dipping your toes in the still-chilly water and soaking up the sun. 

Heading in to start the ham and setting the table with fresh picked flowers. 
These are a few of our favorite Easter things!

Photo courtesy of Flickr -  curt peer

Where ever you are this holiday weekend, we hope you enjoy some of your own favorite “Spring things.” 

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