Emergency Response Information

Knowing What’s Nearby

Moving to a new area may leave you feeling disoriented until you learn new road names and landmarks. However, we feel it's important that you become quickly oriented with key buildings such as hospitals, fire stations, and police departments. So, we’ve put together a cheat sheet for emergency response locations in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas of Southwest Florida. You should map out the quickest route from your new home in case an emergency does happen, you can be well prepared! 


Did you know we have the largest health system in Florida? With a total of 4 acute care hospitals and 2 specialty hospitals, the Lee Memorial Health System has a total of 1,423 beds and reaches more than 1 million patient contacts each year.
Here’s a list of our local hospitals. 

Cape Coral

636 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33990
The Cape Coral Hospital has the largest emergency department in the area and consists of 291 rooms that are all private. The hospital sees an average of 55,000 patients annually. 
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Fort Myers

HealthPark Medical Center 
9981 S. HealthPark Dr., Fort Myers, FL 339908
HealthPark Medical Center is the primary location in the Lee Memorial Health System for cardiology and intensive care. The hospital has a total of 270 beds, and sees an average of 55,000 patients annually.
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Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida
9981 S. HealthPark Dr., Fort Myers, FL 339908
Golisano Children’s Hospital is currently located inside HealthPark Medical Center, but has plans to expand to a separate stand-alone facility. The inpatient facility has 98 beds, and is the only Children’s hospital between Miami and Tampa. 
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Gulf Coast Medical Center
13681 Doctors Way, Fort Myers, FL 33912
The Gulf Coast Medical Center has one of the newest facilities in the area after combining with former Southwest Regional Hospital back in 2009. The new hospital has a total of 349 beds, and contains an open-heart surgery program, orthopedic surgery program and the area’s only Kidney Transplant Center. 
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Lee Memorial Hospital
2776 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901
As you might guess, Lee Memorial Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Lee Memorial Health System. Established in 1916, the hospital contains 355 beds, and is the only Level II Trauma Center between Miami and Tampa. 
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Rehabilitation Hospital
2776 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901
The Rehabilitation Hospital is located inside Lee Memorial Hospital on U.S. 41. The inpatient rehabilitation facility contains 60 beds, and provides care for both adult and pediatric patients. 
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Fire Departments

While you likely won’t need to visit the fire department, it is possible the fire department may need to visit you! Here’s a break down of the local fire departments to give you an idea of which department is responsible for your neighborhood. 

Cape Coral

Cape Coral has a total of 10 fire stations with 16 different fire apparatus. 
Below is a map of Cape Coral Fire Department Stations. For more information, check out their website here

Fort Myers

The City of Fort Myers operates 6 fire stations that span nearly 50 square miles - protecting a population of more than 65,000 residents. The department is made of 6 divisions including Administration, Operations, Training, Speciality Services, Fire Prevention and Emergency Management. For more information, click here.
Lee County has a number of other Fire Departments that span the rest of the county including Iona McGregor Fire Protection & Rescue, South Trail Fire Dept., San Carlos Park Fire Protection & Rescue and Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District. Check the map below to see which company governs your neighborhood. 

Police Departments

Again, we hope you will not need to visit your local police department, but it is nice to know where the departments are located and how to get in contact with them. As a reminder, the phone numbers listed above for the fire stations and below for the police stations are for non-emergency cases. In ALL emergency situations, you should dial 9-1-1 for assistance. 

Cape Coral

Cape Coral Police Department
1100 Cultural Park Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33990
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Fort Myers
Fort Myers Police Department
2210 Widman Way, Fort Myers, FL 33901
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Lee County Sheriff’s Office
14750 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy., Fort Myers, FL 33912
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