Home Air Quality Myths Debunked

Myth #1 - Outdoor Air Is Cleaner Than Indoor Air

“Open the doors and let in the fresh breeze.” While it IS good to let indoor allergens escape by letting in “fresh air,” keep in mind that outdoor air isn’t exactly free from allergens itself. In fact, you might be exchanging indoor allergens for outdoor allergens. 

There’s a lot of back and forth over which air is cleaner. The answer really depends on the conditions both inside and outside, which of course, in Florida, will also change based on the season.

Myth #2 - New, Energy Efficient Appliances = Better Air Quality

A new HVAC system will certainly save on your electricity bill, it doesn’t automatically equate to better air quality. Without proper ventilation, harmful gases or particles can still infiltrate the air inside your home. 

Quick Tips:

Myth #3 - It’s All About Temperature

Indoor spaces that have the right temperature but don’t have adequate ventilation can actually cause health problems. When high concentrations of carbon dioxide cannot escape your home, it could lead to drowsiness and headaches. 

Humidity plays a big role in the comfort of your home, but also the overall air quality. Too high or too low humidity can cause health problems, discomfort, mildew and unhygienic air.  It is recommended to keep indoor relative humidity below 70%, ideally between 45% and 60%.


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