SWFL Unique Gift Giving Guide

December is near and ‘tis the season for shopping! We thought you might appreciate a peek at some unique gifts to give those who live in Southwest Florida or visit us often.

Below are some gift ideas listed by category. Of course, this list does not account for ALL of the many unique experiences in SWFL, but it’s enough to get you started. 

Art & Theater

There are a number of theaters in Southwest Florida with stellar performances offered throughout the year. Take a peek at the upcoming events calendar and purchase tickets for you and your giftee! You could also purchase a membership where your giftee would receive discounted tickets and special offerings throughout the year. A few places to consider checking out:

Bonita Springs Center for Performing Arts
Cape Coral Art Center
Downtown Fort Myers Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center (SBDAC)
Fort Myers Alliance for the Arts
Naples Players
Sanibel’s BIG ARTS

Environment & Wildlife

A donation to a local non-profit is a unique gift for those who claim they don’t need any more “things.” In SWFL, there are a number of non-profit organizations that work to maintain our unique environment and wildlife. You could donate, purchase a gift card or purchase some “swag” from their gift shop in order to help support the cause. Check out our blog “A Big Heart For Wildlife” to see a list of local non-profit organizations.

Home & Garden

For those who love gardening, a gift card to a garden center or even consultation from a landscape design professional is a great gift! Go shopping with your giftee, and buy a few things to spruce up their outdooring living space, such as outdoor lights, patio furniture, tiki candles, or a firepit. 

Looking for a gift that will really WOW your loved one? Buy them a house! (wink, wink) We know just the right people to make it happen! Click here to browse all homes for sale in SWFL

Parks & Rec 

Most of the counties, cities, and townships in SWFL offer parking passes to residents and visitors. How about paying for an annual beach parking pass for your family member or friend? There are also a number of fabulous Parks and Recreation Centers in Southwest Florida that you could gift a membership! 

Sports & Water

Speaking of memberships, how about a golf or social membership to one of the beautiful clubs in SWFL? Or, season pass tickets for Spring Training with the Boston Redsox or Minnesota Twins!

If your giftee loves being on the water, book a boat or kayak rental where you can take a trip together. There are a number of fishing, sightseeing, and sunset charters available too. Another unique idea for the more active and adventurous person would be paying for an instruction course for a new sport like scuba diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or even wakeboarding. 

Put Your Thinking Cap On!

We hope this list helps get the juices flowing for some gift-giving that’s local and “outside the box” - literally! Of course, we have fabulous shops, malls, and outlets for those tangible gifts you’ll need to purchase as well! 

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